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About Haezal

About Us

Haezal was founded with the intention of helping other people get through long nights and early mornings. Coffee is a unique unifier everyone uses to wake up, and to stay awake. The reality of our fast paced, 24/7 world is that some situations require us to think on our feet quickly. Haezal coffee will help you brew now, sleep later, so that you can get the important tasks done and rest. High quality coffee, at a low price. Whether you’re a student or a professional, you can never go wrong with a warm cup of Haezal coffee.

About The Founder

Nandita Choudhary is much like everyone else – a university student, short on sleep and time. Coffee is what helped her through many long nights of studying. Brew now, sleep later, she thought. That is what got her through rigorous years of school and into university. Wanting to connect other people with coffee, she founded Haezal to help people everywhere get through life with a warm cup of coffee.

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